Gas-sipping Suzuki Regina Concept begs for production

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Suzuki Regina Concept

There’s something about the Suzuki Regina Concept that we like. A lot. For starters, it has a white roof. What’s cool about that, you ask? Well, after Ford stole the idea from Mini for the Flex, nothing. But darn it if it doesn’t look good here. With those rear fender skirts, we’re actually seeing a good bit of Citroën DS in Suzuki’s stylish little econobox, and as we all know, the DS is the most beautiful car of all time.

The Regina Concept, on the other hand, is just an idea for a 1,600-pound sedan that gets 75 miles per gallon. Suzuki didn’t share details about the powertrain, but Autocar is reporting that the Regina Concept is powered by a turbocharged, 800-cc gasoline engine, and uses both start-stop and regenerative braking tech to achieve such lofty fuel economy.

A car that light could be powered by a leaf blower and still be fun to drive, so we’re giving this one a thumbs up. Go ahead and build it, Suzuki, because you know someone will figure out a way to put a small-block Chevy in it. Hit the jump for Suzuki’s short press release.

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